9/11: a 100% Illuminati/ZIONist Operation ... REVISED!

There is much more to this event, which will be added over time.
9/11 was many things, including the largest case of insurance fraud
ever perpetrated within the US.


"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead
of theories to suit facts."

-- Sherlock Holmes, in "A Scandal in Bohemia" (1891)

(the best example of the 'Scientific Principle' ever stated and/or demonstrated!)

One of the first things that ALL Americans should know is that the World Trade
Center Two Towers, which were built in the late 1960s & early 1970s were FULL of
Asbestos and the New York Port Authority had CONDEMNED them Both. And Both were
to be TORN down, at a cost of many billions! So to avoid that horrendous cost
they decided to engineer a Terrorist attack to bring the buildings down at a
much lower cost. They did NOT care about who died or not. The Governor of NY
was in on this operation as was the Criminal US Federal Government, as Dick Cheney
from the Secret Order of Skull & Bones, ran the operation on 9/11 from the bunker
under the White House. The mayor of NYC had a thousand trucks assembled the day
after 9/11 ready to haul off the debris. Think he didn't know? He knew.
When the Criminal US government engages in a false flag operation, there is ALWAYS
a Patsy. In this case they had well prepared the American People for their selected
patsy: Al-CIAda & Osama bin Laden (a well known CIA asset). The Media had been
pre-briefed and was in on the operation. They had the entire story in writing in
front of them that day. The American People have been HAD and it's not nearly
the first time.

Al Qaeda is an Arabic word for "base", add a 2nd word and you get
"database" which is the "database" kept by the CIA/Pentagon on the Arabic
fighters that they funded, armed & supported beginning in 1980 within
Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Military (as Osama & his followers did).
The Soviet Afghan war was the product of the Russia-phobe Zbigniew
Brzezinski (a Polish hater of Russia), who tricked Russia into going into
Afghanistan, knowing fully well what the consequences would be. The
US has funded/run/commanded Al Qaeda since it's inception in 1980,
including to this very day.

Footage Shows Military Plane hitting WTC Tower on 9/11 - 13 Witnesses React

Military Planes hitting WTC Towers

9/11 - Flight 175 Was Not A Commercial Aircraft

Flight 175 Was Not A Commercial Aircraft

The Facts that we know about 9/11 are:

1) NO planes were hijacked.

2) Hence, There were NO hijackers, period. At least eight of the supposed
hijackers were interviewed after 9/11 outside of the country by the BBC
and they had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Completely made up BS by the
Bush Administration. None of the supposed hijackers were ever on any
FBI wanted list. Neither did they support/find any connection to Al Qaeda.

3) There were NO box cutters and no one was attacked on any plane.

4) All four of the supposed hijacked planes that were NOT
hijacked within ten minutes of each other flew into an inter radar gap,
turned off their transponders, changed directions, flew within that gap
for quite some distance before changing their direction and reentering
radar space from an unknown direction/trajectory. Each of the four commercial
planes landed at either a US Military base or a Commercial airport. NOT one
flew into the WTC Towers. All the passengers were either in on the operation
which includes most if not ALL or were killed on the ground (doubtful). There were
only 200 or so and most (if not all) were operatives that were involved in the operation,
including Israeli citizens. Some of the four planes were not even scheduled to
fly that day. At least two of those planes were flying again within days.

5) all the phony cell phone calls were made on the ground. As the
technology did NOT exist in 2001 to enable any cell phone
calls from a commercial flight, PERIOD! The supposed audio of the passengers
about to attack the hijackers on Flight 93 were FAKE and did NOT really happen.

6) Both planes that flew into the World Trade Center towers were special
military planes flown remotely. There were NO pilots or passengers & NO windows
in the planes nor brightly colored commercial markings. These two planes were
completely silver & windowless just like most military planes. They both had an
attachment under the body behind the wings that held this special equipment to
enable remote flying and then some (weapons), which was clearly visible.

7) NO plane hit the Pentagon. That was a missile. There was No plane/bodies in
wreckage. All the video & other evidence of this event was confiscated by
the FBI and disappeared. (Kind of like the flechette that R.Reagan was shot
with.) Who fired the missile into the Pentagon? Don't know, but that was
planned for at least a year in advance, as they practiced for it beginning a year
in advance of 9/11.

8) NO plane went down in Pennsylvania. Complete BS. There was NO plane
and/or bodies in the contrived/meager wreckage. Flight 93 landed at Cleveland
Ohio, per Joel Skousen.

9) Neither Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda had anything to do with 9/11.
Bin Laden was dying of Marfan syndrome in Afghanistan and was dead
by the end of 2001. The videos produced by the CIA were all phonies
and proven to be so. Dr. Steve Pieczenik (MD & PHD Psychology-US State
Dept of 20+ years, a direct report to four Presidents & four Secretaries
of State, Master Spy, and an Ashkenazi Jew) agrees, saying not one single
Muslim was involved. Research S.Pieczenik ... very Bright man.

10) Atta was a CIA officer that was ordered to go to Canada, be
conspicuous, appear to board a flight to Boston (too late, to board any
connecting flights).

There is NO video evidence to show him or any of the others boarding
any of these flights. Some of which were NOT scheduled to fly that day.
At least 9 of the 19 were alive & well and had NOTHING to do with 9/11.
Atta called his father on 9/12 ...

Of the other patsy alleged hijackers, their activities were all paid by
the US Government ... the supposed pilots were inept and could not even
fly a single engine plane, much less a very complicated commercial jet.
The FBI could provide NO proof that any had anything to do with 9/11,
and same goes for both Al Qaeda & bin Laden.

11) All three buildings in the WTC which went down on 9/11 were
imploded via explosives, which had all be pre-laced into the buildings
over the previous six weeks by crews working in the 3 buildings around
the clock. There were many explosions in all 3 buildings, clearly visible
in the pictures and were recorded though out the day on 9/11 by TV crews,
emergency responders, etc ... all verified by these same people in interviews.
All 3 buildings fell at rough free fall speed with NO resistance due
to existing structures, which had all been BLOWN out with explosives,
fairly classical implosions, with some lateral explosives in the 1st WTC
tower that went down where material was blown some 200+ feet
horizontally before beginning their vertical descent. Only explosives
can accomplish that.

12) of the four recorders on the 2 planes flown into the WTC, three
were found, then denied that they were found, but NO data/evidence
ever surfaced about their contents. Rudi Giuliani then sold all the
wreckage of the 3 buildings over seas and it was removed with out any
examination whatsoever. All evidence was concealed. No Federal agencies
were allowed to examine any of the wreckage at any time. Rudi.G had 1000
trucks waiting on Sept 11, 2001 to start carry all the wreckage off.

13) Dick Cheney (VP) via written orders to D.Rumsfeld put himself, NOT
the Joints Chiefs in control of NRAD & of all military flights, which were all
put in Stand Down on 9/11. This conflicted with standing orders which have
existed for the previous 45+ years that the Military can take down any
plane which significantly deviates from it's course and appears to pose
a threat. Those orders were reversed on 9/12.

14) The largest Spy ring ever discovered in the US was detected in 2001
and some 200+ agents were eventually picked up by the FBI, debriefed
during 2001. They were both intelligence operatives and Military who had
expertise in explosives. All were returned to their home country without one
single word to the media or American People. They were from the same
country that owned the companies that were responsible for security at the
WTC complex (which Marvin Bush worked for) & the company that was
responsible for security at all the airports the supposed hijacked planes
flew out off. That country was Israel. The Mossad & Israeli government
was intimately involved in 9/11, not to say that it was a total Israeli
operation completely. All the usual suspects were involved: CIA, FBI,
Pentagon, Military Industrial Complex (which has made Trillions off this
false flag attack), Bush Administration, etc. Israel is very much an integral
part of the Shadow Government and is VERY much protected from any disclosures
of it's nefarious activities, which are as massive & numerous as those of the CIA.
What we use to call the US National Media is now owned by just five ZIONist
controlled companies. They are the American equivalent of the USSR's Pravda.
They do NOT report the real news, but only present their propaganda. ZIONism is
and ideology that is only about 120 years old and deals with World Domination.
Do NOT confuse it with Judaism. They are NOT the same.

The Five Dancing Israelis - 9/11/2001 - Our Purpose Was To Document The Event

The Five Dancing Israelis - 9/11/2001 - Our Purpose Was To Document The Event

9/11 Files - Dancing Israelis, proves Mossad Foreknowledge

9/11 Files - Dancing Israelis, proves Mossad Foreknowledge

15) The dancing Israelis of 9/11, who set up in clear view of the WTC
Towers & filmed as the planes come in & cheered. People saw them,
called the police and they were picked up, held 71 days and returned
to Israel by M.Chertoff (Homeland Security, dual US/Israel citizen) without
1 word. They had explosives in their vans. They were Mossad agents,
who were later on TV in Israel, & they stated that they were there to
document the event (on Youtube). Which indicates Prior knowledge by
State Israeli operatives, including Mossad (a military wing of the
Illuminati, along with the criminal CIA & British MI6).

The Saudi government appears to have had NOTHING to do with 9/11.
They were caught flat footed in the US and Bush had to wisk them out,
after his BS story about Bin Laden. Bottom line, we were attacked by one group,
who blamed it on a completely different group, i.e. their enemies, and
then we attacked their enemies: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc... Going
into Afghanistan was planned before 9/11 and had little to do with it.
That was about Caspian Sea Oil pipeline (which the Taliban did NOT
want) & Opium, which the Taliban had stopped. Right now the opium
production is at the highest level & Taliban are stronger than ever. So
what did we accomplish? Increased the Opium production & got the
pipeline put in for the oil. That's it. Dick Cheney (oil) & the CIA drug
operation are both happy. The 5000+ soldiers that have to stay are
there to protect the pipeline & opium. And how many Americans died
&/or were maimed for this? How many died on 9/11. It was certainly
more than 3,000 ... the usual figure for a False Flag attack, about
the same they said of Pearl Harbor, which was set up by FDR & his
administration, just to get the US into WWII, which FDR spent at least
three years doing. Don't understand? Then read this book.
Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor

9/11 was a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work. Create a
Crisis by Stealth, Blame it on someone else & then offer the solution that
moves the entire process in the Direction that you had previously chosen.
The Illuminati taught this technique to Hegel. He is NOT the origin of it.
They have been using this technique to manipulate societies for thousands
of years before Hegel was ever born.

Al Qaeda is an Arabic word for "base", add a 2nd word and you get
"database" which is the "database" kept by the CIA/Pentagon on the Arabic
fighters that they funded, armed & supported beginning in 1980 within
Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Military (as Osama & his followers did).
The Soviet Afghan war was the product of the Russia-phobe Zbigniew
Brzezinski (a Polish hater of Russia), who tricked Russia into going into
Afghanistan, knowing fully well what the consequences would be. The
US has funded/run/commanded Al Qaeda since it's inception in 1980,
including to this very day. When they got caught supporting Al Qaeda in
Libya, they renamed the assault on Assad as ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence
Service) which back fired. So then they again changed it to ISIL. It's all the
SAME ... by any Name. They are just Mercenaries serving for pay. They
are also involved in running Drugs Internationally and the smuggling of
OIL from Syria to Israel & then out to the world et large.
ISIS/ISIL/Al-CIAda are Just Criminals by any name ... NO underlying
Ideology. They actually know very little of Islam.

I could go on & on, but I think you get the point ... Everything that
the US government said about 9/11 is a lie. There was absolutely NO
truth to any of it. 9/11 was an inside job and nothing else can account
for all the facts that we now know about 9/11. It was a highly
sophisticated operation that was well planned, well prepared & executed
to military precision. To think that a rag tag group of a dozen cave urchins
could have done this is absolutely ludicrous.

For the why of 9/11, you have to look at the ZIONist/NeoCon PNAC report
authored by the likes of Skull & Bones Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz,
Dov Zakheim, Jeb Bush, etc ... all ZIONist and ALL Illuminati agents. Don't
confuse Zionism & Judaism, as they are NOT the same. ZIONism is an ideology of World
Domination, created by the Rothschilds & Elders of ZION in the late 19th
century. There is little to any difference between the Illuminati & ZIONist
agendas that can be seen, so they are grouped together, as they appear to WORK

2014 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 9/11 Truth

Ken O Keefe on 911 (while I do NOT fully support Ken's Muslim
apologetic stance, he is a good source of information, which are hard
to find, as you can imagine. Though, NOT one single Muslim was
involved in the implementation of 9/11. Of this, I'm SURE!)

Ken O Keefe on 911


100% WTC Drone Attack/Strike Plane PROOF (Many Witnesses)

"What Hit WTC2? Another Look at the Second Plane"

If you think this is the first time that Israel has attacked the US, think
twice. Not long after Israel launched the 1967 war by a surprise attack
on Egypt, they attack the USS Liberty, an intelligence ship within the
eastern end of the Mediterranean sea. 34 American soldiers were killed
and 171 wounded by the Israeli attack (by air & sea) that went on for
hours. Read the following.

Israel attacked the USS Liberty, an intelligence ship within the eastern end of the Mediterranean sea.

If you don't understand what I said about Israel starting the 1967 war,
then listen to this son of a famous Israeli general who was involved in
the 1967 war. Miko is a IDF veteran and a Israeli citizen, who like
his entire family are very special, have much integrity & personal
strength. You should listen regardless, he is VERY informative.
You should learn some about the very prevalent yet false Israeli myths.

Miko Peled -- Seattle. Oct. 1, 2012


"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses
over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker
a raving lunatic."

-- Dresden James