"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead
of theories to suit facts."

-- Sherlock Holmes, in "A Scandal in Bohemia" (1891)

(the best example of the 'Scientific Principle' ever stated and/or demonstrated!)

The virus that creates Covid-19 is a "made in the USA" Military Grade Offensive Biological Weapon.

Dr. Francis Boyle: 2nd video, several weeks later: Update on Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon

Professor Boyle intitially broke this information in mid January. Youtube removed that video.

Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law.
He drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known
as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses
of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush. And he continuously tracks
research & development in this field. Tracking international criminality is NOT his expertise.
So he does NOT know how the NWOrder manged the actual creation/dissimination of their BioWeapon.

Note: Youtube is owned by Google, which is a creation of the Criminal CIA!
They are removing any content, which these Satanic Illuminati Criminals do NOT want known.

1. Obama funded the BioWeapons Research Project at University of North Carolina around or
before 2015 with participation by the Chinese Virologist, Zhengli-Li Shi, that helped created
this BioWeapon with both the aid, direction & NIAID Funding by NWOrder Criminal A.(Mengele)Fauci
(director of NIAID), who paid the Wuhan labs $750,000/year for at least five years. The Chinese
were aided by a Harvard professor (expert at nanotechnology & who has a lab in Wuhan) & other
universities within the US: Duke working with the University of Singapore, MIT, Universities of
Nebraska (where Dr. Sani Bavari is from), Texas & Oklahoma & Fort Detrick (US Army BioWeapons Lab)
which Dr. Sani Bavari use to run. This funding, labyrinth of international operations & products
are well documented by Professor Francis.Boyle & journalist George Webb.

Many international Military athletes at the World Military Games at Wuhan in mid Oct, 2019 came down
with this BioWeapon/Covid-19 (including the French, Swedish, Italian, etc... teams), which was in part
transported into Wuhan by the large corrupt/criminalized Death Cult (Shincheonji) in Daegu, South Korea.

Secondly, towards the end of 2019 (December), many Chinese return to China for the Chinese New Year
(like Christmas in the west) and Wuhan was full of Chinese expatriates that came home to celebrate &
see their families. Many got infected with this Military Grade highly contagious Bioweapon and in
early January, they were pushed out of China by the CCP as a result of the deadly Covid outbreak
(could have been about 3-5 million Chinese). And then this Engineered/Deadly BioWeapon was
transported out all over the world by both the Military Teams that were in Wuhan for these
military games (and the Chinese ExPats), many of which got Covid-19 during & subsequent to the games,
before they all went back to their homes, infected & spreading this BioWeapon, as they were
designed to do.

Forced movement of people was the exact same way the Spanish Flue was spread in 1918-9 by both
militaries & fleeing populations. Looks like some Criminal learned something from their past
engineered pandemics and used the same known/proven technique to spread this BioWeapon.
The Spanish flue began at Ft Riley Kansas during a world war. If anyone thinks that was a coincidence,
they are more than just a little naive. There are NO such accidents on this planet anymore.
Everything that happens is intentionally engineered to occur almost exactly as it does, by INTENT!

2. Bioweapons are designed to last intensely at least 3-5 years and collapse entire countries & now
this one is world wide by intent. There will be at least 3 major waves, with each lasting
just about one year. There could five major waves, but not less than three. Once released,
Bioweapons never really go away as long as they have host to infect, grow & spread. This
one will be with us for the rest of our lives.

The individual most responsible for the creation of this "Race Based" BioWeapon is Mengele Fauci
who both paid the Chinese to engage in specific research that helped in developing this Coronavirus
Bioweapon, and directed them in very specific task: as in going to the caves 600 kilometers from
Wuhan to enter and extract this particular Coronavirus from Bat's guano and engage in specific
enhancements (weaponizing it). Why? To create the contrived narrative that the Chinese created
this Bioweapon and it just accidently "LEAKED" out of their lab. Anyone who studies government
crimes knows that the engineered "patsy" is as important as the actual crime. As the "patsy"
allows the real criminals to "walk away" Scot free from even suspicion (like Oswald, Sirhan
Sirhan, James Earl Ray, etc ...). While the Chinese did as directed, they did NOT created this
Bioweapon that has been released on the Chinese specifically, by covert means. This Bioweapon
attaches to our ACE2 receptors, and the Chinese and east Asians have far more ACE2 receptors
than say Anglo-Saxon races. Why would any race create a bioweapon that specifically targets
themselves more than others? They would NOT & they did NOT. ... "a feint within a feint" is
is a good description of this subterfuge and it's right up the Illuminati's Trickster pole!

-- Covid has been created by the NWOrder, most are Khazarians or also called Ashkenazi jews.
(NOT real Jews). I learned from a video made 10 years ago that their intent was both to Knock
down the Chinese and to eliminate as many other colored races as possible, which it is doing!
What's coming out is this Bioweapon exempts Khazars, which is what one should expect the creators
of this Bioweapon to do.
Posted on 2020/11/16 by Dr. Cynthia McKinney:

Apart from vaccines and gain of function COVID being used to depopulate blacks in particular,
note this:

Straight from the study: Ashkenazi Jews do not have the particular protein that allows the
SARS-CoV-2 to thrive in the human body.

This bioweapon can entire the Prevotella (bacillus) bacteria within our lungs & gut and use it
as a host and remain within this normal bacteria within us, unnoticed by any test, then come
out an knock some down very quickly, almost always resulting in death, as it's their
2nd infection, which few (at least in China) survived. I have heard of one woman
in California that made it to #3, which she did not survive. We do not know how
long it can live in Prevotella (bacillus) but as this bacteria gets a hard positively charged
shell around it, protecting this BioWeapon within, it could be for long time -- 50 days or more.
The more sugars & carb you consume, the more of this bateria you will have within you.
When people are put on ventilators, the high air pressure from the ventilators is damaging the lungs.
You do NOT want to be put on a ventilator.

Covid 19 is actually a coronavirus that has HIV, SARS-II & MERS attached to it's RNA.
All are Bio Weapons & can be deadly.

To date, all attempts at vaccines of the Coronavirus have triggered the same effect as the virus ("Cytokine Storm").
The basic element of this virus is very much like the common cold. Is there a vaccine for the common cold?
You're getting the idea.

Within 12 hours of being exposed/infected by it in your throat, you are an active carrier & are spewing out
this virus into your environment. It can be 7 days or more before you have symptoms. I would expect it to
start killing cells within our body within 24 hours of initial infection. So symptoms are way too late as
an indicator. Their Covid test appear to be very flawed and not reliable either.

3. The Bioweapon was Intentionally/Covertly released almost simultaneously in Wuhan China,
Iran, Italy & the US by Satanic Illuminati New World Order (by various methods), who created/own/run
the Criminal US FED/IRScam, the CIA and control the FBI, Congress, White House, all the
US NONE Health oriented agencies (FDA, NIH, CDC, etc ... who helped to create this BioWeapon) though
their Illuminati owned Big Pharma. The release of a BioWeapon on the Chinese has been planned at
least since 2005, when this was revealed at a high level Freemason meeting in the City of London.

4. Congress has given the Criminal Wall Street Banks at least Six-Eight Trillion dollars in
just the past 8 months. The Criminal US Treasury is covertly buying ALL the Worthless US Treasury
Bills/Bonds through the Corrupt/Criminal Wall Street Banks and Freemason Trump & Congress is in
on this Subversive Criminal Operation! The subversive/covert Exchange Stabilization Fund of the
US Treasury is manipulating/rigging markets all over this planet (particularly of precious metals),
ILLEGALLY! The Entire US Financial system is nothing but a TOTAL Criminal Fraud, run by Illuminati

5. Congress gave US citizens only $1,200 bucks ONCE! NOT that any amount will Buy us OFF!
The Criminal Illuminati Bankers get all the GOLD. The failing corporations/banks get completely
bailed out with the FED buying their worthless bonds. The American People get Death delivered
into their homes & the empty Shaft from their Criminal Government.

6. The Entire US government is intentionally LYING about this BioWeapon, which is keeping the
allopathic/AMA doctors in the dark as to how to deal/treat this BioWeapon, which is NOT like any
Naturally Occurring Virus. Treatments for naturally occurring viruses do NOT work on a complex
weaponized Virus! This is costing many Americans the lives of their families/friends, by the
TENS of Thousands and it will become Hundreds of Thousands & eventually MILLIONS, and more.

The Bottom line is that the human body is designed to deal with homogeneous viruses, NOT complex,
weaponized Bioweapons, which are specifically designed to Trick the human immune system into
over reaction, which KILLs you

7) LYING Freemason Trump, the Demonic-Rats, the Corrupt RINO GOP are LOOTING the American
People by destroying their currency, Economy & Financial system & shoving their Criminal proceeds
to the their Wealthy Illuminati benefactors. Backed by the NOT at all Supreme Court, who are ALL
as Anti-American as Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin or Mao Tse Dung was. This country, which was
founded on Protestant Christian principles, has NOT one single "real" Protestant Christian on this
Corrupt Court, as it only has Pagans, Freemasons, Satanist, Charlatans, just like most of rest of
the Criminal US Congress & the entire US government/military.

8) The Criminal US government/military has given America & the entire World this DEADLY
BioWeapon, which has INTENTIONALLY Destroyed the entire Global Economy just as it was
designed to do, just to stop Interest Rates from Rising, as these criminals had lost control
of their Rigged Financial PONZI Scheme, run by the Satanic Illuminati Goldman-Sachs US Treasury,
and interest rates were on the verge of a rapid ascent upwards! They had rather MURDER Millions
of People on this planet rather loose control of their Cash-Cow & their Control of America & much
of the western financial system, which was on the verge of Total Collapse.

There is NO way that Freemason Trump is NOT involved in all these dirty plans & Congress knows
everything and is keeping their mouths shut and Lying to us about this BioWeapon, just to keep
their wealth (bribes kickbacks, payoffs, etc) flowing into their bank accounts ---
Murders, Thieves & Whores is what they really are.

9. When the SHTF (coming), all these Self Serving Criminals will get to Face the ENRAGED
American People, who they have BETRAYED! May God judge them ALL Harshly for every single
person that they have helped to KILL/MURDER all over this now BioWeaponized Planet!

10. Expect them to hit us with a new/stronger Bioweapon in 2021, as this one is not
killing enough people for their planned bioweapon population reduction quotas.

"There is no distinctly native American criminal class - except Congress."
-- Mark Twain

Jim Sinclair ---> "Debt Jubilees Everywhere"
Jim reveals the REAL Reason that this BioWeapon was released just when it was (timing).

(read between the lines as Jim must be careful or this video would be removed by YouTube!