Bill Schnoebelen - The Medical Conspiracy (in one single video)

Very good history of Western Medicine all the way back to the Egyptians,
including the build-up/monopoly of the AMA by the Satanic Illuminati Rockefellers.

Will give you a very good understanding of homeopathic medicine vs AMA's harmful drug
based invasive (and it's history/ideology) critical care medicine approach, which
does have it's place, but in most cases, this should be the LAST resort, not the first.
Many conditions can be treated with proper nutrition, but AMA doctors have NO formal
education whatsoever in and/or about nutrition, period. The old saying that you are
what you eat is so very true.

The vast majority of medicine on this planet is Homeopathic based, but NOT within
the US today, all by the intent to enrich those that started/own the Drug companies,
which are owned/run by the exact same group that own/run the Military Industrial Complex.
But before the early 1900s, when the Rockefellers got involved, the majority of
doctors within the US were Homeopathic. And on average they made four times more
than the early AMA doctors, as they actually cured/helped folks without the aid
of toxic petroleum based poisons/drugs, ALL of which have harmful side effects
that are quite harmful and deleterious to the health of those that take them. But
people are NEVER told that. In fact, AMA doctors are prevented from telling their
patients many things that would be very beneficial to them. That is the essence of
a Conspiracy and it's deep rooted within the corrupt Drug Company's influence
over both our regulatory agencies & the medical system. The FDA is perhaps the most
corrupt, as many of their employees are revolving door employees of the Drug
Companies ... translation: Mega Conflict of interest.

At the suggestion of the Tavistock Globalist think tank, the Rockefellers got Congress
to outlaw all other forms of medicine within the exception of the Allopathic AMA, which
is how they created this Monopoly/Mafia over America's health, which is a Criminal act.
The intent was to create literally a monopoly over all the medical terrain and make their
petrochemical drugs the ONLY game in town. They have struggled and mostly succeeded in
eliminating any/all competition to the Allopaths. Just as they attack & eliminate any
cures for cancer, as they make hundred of billions of dollars yearly pushing chemo (a
derivative of Mustard Gas, Poison, which rarely benefits a cancer patient). They charge
these cancer patients about $100,000 for a years treatment that cost them about $70 to make.
The intent was to take all their money without curing them and then they would not have
to pay them social security, as they would NOT live long (the intent). Vaccines have within
them "nagalase", which is an immunity inhibitor, the intent is to greatly compromise your
immune system, making it much easier for them to trigger the growth of cancer within you.
So that they can sell you their very overpriced Chemo therapy, which will NOT cure you.
As John D. Rockefeller once said, "competition is a Sin!" and he meant exactly that.
Once you get to the Top, you stay there only by eliminating all of your competition, which
he was a master at! The Illuminati Criminals ALWAYS use government to carry out their
subversion/control opetions over the population and controlling government is very easy
with such greedy politicians, which is the NORM, not the exception, as there are NO Exceptions.

The book as of 2011, PDR: Physicians Desk Reference (hard copy) is well over 3,000 pages.
150 pages roughly discuss the benefits of these drugs. While at least 2,850 pages
delineate their harmful side effects. In fact, no substance can be considered a
drug unless it has harmful side effects. Today this book is much thicker & with
more content on the negative side effects of these petrochemical based drugs.

Roughly 300 people a day within the US, die from the harmful effect of legal
prescription drugs. That's the equivalent of a Jumbo Jet crashing every day of the
year and killing all on board ... over 100,000 people a year. This only those that
are taking prescribed drugs at home. This figure does not account for those killed
with Chemo therapy, or that die from infections in hospitals, malpractice, etc...
of which the total death figure is approaching a million Americans a year.

In one single video. Just cut & paste this line into your browser bar.
The Medical Conspiracy

This video seem to be coming & going on Youtube by different individuals, so just
search there for "Bill Schnoebelen - The Medical Conspiracy" and you should find
it. Well worth watching to understand the History of Medicine and where the current
AMA allopathic medicine model fits in. It's just another form of Control, manipulation
and exploitation.

If you still think that the AMA, FDA, NIH, CDC is out for your best interest, then watch
this video:
The Cancer Cure Cover-Up (Conspiracy Documentary) - Real Stories
Government Criminality

The modern biographical story of Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD who discovered an innovative
patent-protected cancer therapy currently enrolled in FDA clinical trials. This story sheds
light on the current regulatory and industry roadblocks preventing these life-saving medications
from reaching the market as of 2016. What it really shows is the Total Criminality within the
US Government and their attempt, at the direction of Big Pharma, to surpress any/all REAL
cures for Cancer, which the Criminal establishment does NOT ever want to be Known, FACT.

Personally, I'd recommend finding and/or researching someone like Dr. Peter Glidden,
who has a Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine (ND). He has some videos on Youtube.
Dr. Glidden is a disciple of Dr. Joel Wallach, who has some really
good ideas, but their implementation is not all that great. Wallach's Longevity line is
what I'm talking about. The concept is good, getting all these 90 essential vitamins,
minerals, etc. But this product line uses some less than desirable ingredients. So I'd
recommend that you look into IntraMax 2.0 by (Texas company) for your basic
vitamin/mineral needs. You can get this from an outfit call Global Healing Center(GHC), another
Texas company. Search for them and you'll find them. GHC also has an excellent product
called Detoxadine ("Nascent Iodine"), Selenium Made From Organic Mustard Seed and VeganSafe B12.
I take & recommend these products. These are high grade quality (HGQ) products (not the cheapest,
but quality rarely is).

Doctor Glidden states that:
This is where the 90 essential vitamins, minerals & amino acids come it. We need to take these every day.

You might want to investigate Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Peace Prize winner, who wrote
his mid 1980s book: "How to Live Longer and Feel Better".
However the content of this book is 35+ years out of date and you need to update this very
basic understanding to take Optimal Vitamin suppliments to achieve the best results, optimal health.
Translation ---> Higher dosages than mentioned. BTW, L.Pauling was the man that pioneered our
use/understanding of Vitamin C. He consumed about 9 grams of abscorbic acid a day & lived to be
over 90 years of age. But only 20 % of that form of Vit C gets into your blood stream, so
effectiveley, he was only taking a bit over 2 grams, not enough to get real benefits.
Stay tuned.

Best form of Vitamin C is Liposomal Vitamin C, of which about 80% gets into the blood stream.
Powdered or tablet Ascorbic Acid only gets about 20% at best into the blood stream. Huge difference.
The is new technology. Limposoms are like cell walls, into which can be put nutrients or drugs.
Most of us should be getting about 5-7 grams of Liposomal Vit C a day. In addition to all the other
benefits, Vit C toughens up the interior of the cells making it harder for Cancer/Biowearpons to
invade them. NO one is destine to get cancer. It is NOT in the genes. It has everything to do with
what you subject your body to, i.e. in your diet, and/or either what you subject your body to and/or
surround yourself in (meaning harmful electro/magnetic fields).
The use of a Cell phone is like a magnet for these very harmful electro/magnetic fields. 5G is the worst!
Fluoride in the water is in reality a neuraltoxin that attacks the lining of the brain & causes brain
damage. Stalin used Fluoride in the Gulag to control it's prisioners, same reason that the criminals
within the US government (at every level) use it in our Drinking water, to control/suppress the population.
Fluoride makes people much more docile and compliant.

Resonance: Beings of Frequency (FULL DOCUMENTARY)
Watch & learn about the harmful effects of Electro/Magnetic fields

Another thing that I'd recommend that you investigate is Carbon-60, which has a number of health benefits.
Carbon 60 Olive Oil 90 Milligram/100 Milliliter Organic C60 Lipofullerene, by:

I take this every day and have for years now.

Educate yourself, be Wise, be Carful, Pray, Adapt, Survive, Live Long & Prosper!