"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead
of theories to suit facts."

-- Sherlock Holmes, in "A Scandal in Bohemia" (1891)

(the best example of the 'Scientific Principle' ever stated and/or demonstrated!)

This concept goes back hundreds of years. It was first published/discussed by Georg
Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (around 1800) and hence received the name, the Hegelian Dialectic,
but it is far older than Hegel, as Hegel was taught this by the Illuminati, who'd used it
long before Hegel codified it in writing. In essence, Hegel was an Illuminati proponent &
propagandist. The "State" is god type crap. How the Dialectic is mostly used is that the
Illuminati would create some crisis, blame it on some other party/organization and then
offer a solution that would move their "covert" agendas forward. In this manner, they
would never be seen as the instigators, but merely as the party that solved problems that
had been created by other entities. This was mastery at "slight of hand", as in Realty,
the Illuminati were ALWAYS the instigator of ALL these problems, but always done Covertly.

Any serious organized criminal operation has two equally important components, each of which MUST
exists and must be created such that they both exist at the same moment in time as their engineered
crisis/crime becomes manifest. So the first component is the Crime/Crisis itself. Secondly, there
must always exist an engineered apparent cause to that event, to hide the Illluminati's role in the
creation of this Crisis/Crime. Never are these engineered "apparent causalities" really the actual cause,
but it must be covertly created, such that the public at large never even suspects that the Illuminati
engineered the event in question. For short hand we'll designate these two components as: the Crime &
the Patsy (false cause). The existence of the Patsy allows the real criminals to walk away from their
Crime scene without even the suspicion of involvement, as they created a credible Patsy and engineered
all the information to thrust the causation upon the Patsy immediately, who may not even be at the Crime
scene and may never of ever have been at the crime scene, but if enough controlled assets point the finger
at them, most of the gullable populous will believe just about anything they are told.

Absolutely No action or event ever happens within the entire spectrum of Human Activity by accident.
If it happens, then someone or group wanted it to happen and manipulated all the required variables
to make it happen almost "exactly" as it does. There are NO accidental or by chance occurances on
Planet Earth. Every single act of significance is planned & is Absolutely Related to every other such
significant event. All are part of a unified, coordinated Plan. Nothing is either Isolated or Accidental
in the slightest. And yes there is a high coordinated, extremely well funded organization that can
easily accomplish this agenda, just as they have for many centuries: the Satanic Illuminati

That is in essence the first 185 pages of the book written by Ayn Rand in 1957. Ayn Rand was the
mistress of Philip Rothschilds, who ordered her to write that book: "Atlas Shrugged", which is a code
book of how the Satanic Illuminati would take over America & use America to take 'control' of the
rest of the world, while at the same time Destroying America (happending right now!).

In regard to prominent US Crimes, I'll list some of the crimes & their engineered Patsy.

1) Assassination of JFK. Lee Harvey Oswald, who was at the time was a CIA Officer & a covert FBI informant.
In Dallas that day, there were no less than 14 shooters (primary, backup & roving). This operation was run
with Military precision. There were 6 fixed position that each had a primary shooter, backup shooter & a
radio man for communications. There were at least 2 shooters that were roving, not fixed in position.
One was in the Storm Drain just in front of JFK's limousine on the right side when the fatal shot was fired.
This was somewhat similar to the line of sight (angle) as shooters at the top of the grassy knoll up the
hill to the right. Who hit JFK? Just watch what direction JFK's head went when hit by the bullet in the
Zapruder film, UP or Down as it swung back & to his left. As JFK's head would have moved along the same
trajectory as the bullet that hit him in the head.

2) Assassination of RFK, Sirhan Sirhan, who had been MK ULTRA'D by the CIA to start shooting on que,
while the equally MK ULTRA'D guard standing right by RFK, shot him in the back of the head at a distance
of 2.5".

3) Assassination of MLK. James Earl Ray, who was NOT even at the crime scene when the shooting took place.
MLK was actually shot by a contract assassin and an 8 man US Army sniper team was on site that day to make
sure that MLK died that day. The person responsible for this crime was J.E.Hoover, who had convinced the
Army that MLK was going to south Vietnam and tell all the black soldiers there to stop fighting, which freaked
out the US Army. J.E.Hoover was also involved in the assassination of JFK, run by Hoover's friend/ally LBJ.

4) 100 Branch Dividians were burn to death near Waco by their own hand, 51 days after the BATF assault them
with automatic weapons like attacking German Storm Troupers, killing six. They told the public that the
Davidians had illegal weapons. Not so, they had been obtained legally, from a gun shop near San Antonio,
run by X San Antonio cops. NOR did the Davidians start any fires. The commander of Ft.Hood illegally sent
down at least six Tanks & 9 Bradley fighting vehicles, in violation to Posse Comitatus. On the very early
morning of the fire, Delta Force (the Private Army of the President) fell on to those tanks and attack the
compound from the rear. First firing a compound of Nerve Gas & Tear Gas, which incapacitated those inside
and most were shot laying on the floor. When Delta Force left out the rear, they left 3-4 canisters of White
Phosphorus with time delays inside the buildings, which started the fire that burn down the buildings, with
mostly dead corpses inside. The dead can never tell you what really happened, which is also why Mobster Jack
Ruby was ordered to shoot L.H.Oswald, who knew each other.

5) OK City Bombing. Timothy McVeigh, who at the time, was still Covertly in the US Military. The truck bomb
did nothing but break windows and knock off sheet rock. Three SEMTEX bombs had been inserted inside the
building between the 2nd/3rd floors right by 3 massive Concrete columns and it was they that blew off the
entire front of the building, doing all the damage. Those 3 bombs went off about 3-4 seconds after the Truck
bomb was detonated. This operation was run by the Clinton Administration. Very doubtful that McVeigh was
actually put to death.

6) 9/11, which was immediately blamed on Al Qaeda & Osama bin Laden, who were NOT even within the US at the
time of the Crime. NO one was in the 2 armed US Military (Drone Hunter) planes that were flown remotely into
the 2 WTC towers. No plane was flown into the Pentagon, which was hit by a missile. No plane went down in
Pennsylvania, period. 9/11 was run by Illuminati Dick Cheney with active support by the Zionist Israelis,
both IDF & Mossad, who planted all the explosives in the three buildings that came down on 9/11, as an Israeli
company had the "security contract" for the entire WTC complex. Well over 200 Israeli agents were pickup by the
FBI in the US in late 2001. They were debriefed, failed their debriefings and sent back to Israel without One
Word to the US People. They were all either IDF or Mossad & some were experts in explosives. The FBI is almost
always in on any substantial government crime, NO EXCEPTIONs.

A second approach that is used to the Illuminati to facilitate there being NO consequences to their crimes is
to Deny that any crime actually occurred, as on the Theft of the 2020 US Presidential Election. Oh, there may
have been some minor hanky-panky, but it was of NO consequence. It did NOT happen. 75% of the US Population must
be imagining things, as in aliens did it. And since there are NO aliens, it could NOT of happened. They have
gotten away with pushing so many outrageous lies onto the American Public over so many decades that they are
confident that there will be NO consequences to them as a result.

The American People generally do NOT even know that the FED/IRScam is owned/run by a Criminal Banking Mafia in
Briton (Satanic Illuminti), who also own/run the FED's "US" Treasury, which in reality ceased to exist in 1920,
as part of the US government. The same folks that created/own/run the FED (1914-today), engineered WWI (1914-1918),
the Great Depression (1929-38), WWII (1939-45), two Iraq wars, 9/11, release of the Covid-19 Bioweapon, etc....
And got away with all of this. So why would they worry now?

"The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently
and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings..."

by John F Kennedy