Updated 6/2019
The CIA run Google, thru Youtube, has removed ALL real information about both WWII & the
Real German Holocaust, as reality does NOT support their Zionist New World Order
political agenda!
The last site is NOT controlled by Google, read it: "Is the Holocaust a Hoax?"

While the middle one is not quite as important as the other two, it will demonstrate the broadness of this conspiracy. This is exactly why a member of the Secret Order of Skull & Bones (a chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati) created the American Historical Society about 1920, so that they could control the "fabricated story" of history. If one can control this "story", you can manipulated the future through people's false-beliefs & false-knowledge and HIDE the Illuminati's crimes.


"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead
of theories to suit facts."

-- Sherlock Holmes, in "A Scandal in Bohemia" (1891)

(the best example of the 'Scientific Principle' ever stated and/or demonstrated!)


1) Hitler's War? - What the Historians Neglect to Mention

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynufd09d8Lw Youtube keeps deleting anything that the Powers that Be don't want you to know.

[ David Irving - The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History -- equally important
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwp7tVZuXKM&spfreload=1 ]

2) Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany
(Hard to watch, but do so anyway)


( I found some of this on Dr. Steve Pieczenik's website, he's a Ashenazi jewish Khazarian, and even a bit older than Brother Nathaneal, hence I assume that he supports these facts.) While Brother Nathaneal has a humorous approach, he is dead on serious & accurate.

(Dr. Steve Pieczenik) OPUS 123 False History RAW! (i.e. the Israeli fabricated Holocaust in & after their engineered pre-emptive attack on Egypt, 1967

Holocaust On Tour In Iran

Holocaust Hoax: Refuting Zyklon-B Test Critics

Is the Holocaust a Hoax?
READ this!

If you don't understand what I said about Israel starting the 1967 war,
then listen to this son of a famous Israeli general who was involved in
the 1967 war. Miko is a IDF veteran and a Israeli citizen, who like
his entire family are very special, have much integrity & personal
strength. You should listen regardless, he is VERY informative.
You should learn some about the very prevalent yet false Israeli myths.

Miko Peled -- Seattle. Oct. 1, 2012

Several things are very apparent and contrary to what we've been taught. Germany was NOT nearly as built up militarily and the Soviets were MUCH more built up than Germany. They had 5-6 times a greater number of tanks, planes, men etc ... Stalin's plan was to help create a war in Europe and then he would roll into an exhausted Europe and take over the entire continent. Only Hitler's attack on Russia killed that plan, which Hitler recognized what Stalin was about to do and beat him to the punch. But the war was far more the consequence of Churchill than Hitler. Churchill was a Druid (Gaelic for Witch), a Satanic Freemason & a secret member of various Illuminati/Royal organizations). He & his allies worked secretly together to make the war happen and then he worked with FDR to get the US into it. FDR intentionally & secretly provoked the Japanese into attacking and then tracked them all the way across the Pacific as he set up Pearl Harbor for his planned attack/sacrifice to get the US in the war.

WW I was just as contrived as WWII and the British started that one too and in the aftermath, the Allies dismantled Germany, creating Austria (which has been part of Germany for almost a thousand years), giving parts to both Poland and France.

(WWII had two major Illuminati Objectives:
1) to create chaos in Europe as a motivation to create the UN and movement towards a One World Government, i.e. the Illuminati/ZIONist New World Order, which they would control.
It was the Offical (yet Covert) Policy of Briton during the 10 years before WWII to literally Destroy Germany. Churchill hated Germany and was driven to destroy all the German people and I mean ALL! He was NOT alone. FDR & Eisenhower were NO different. Stalin was as bad as Lenin, absolutely ruthless in his quest for World domination.

2) to create the motivation for the establishment of the ZIONist State of Israel. Political ZIONism, created only about 120 years ago, is NOT to be confused with religious Judaism. I can find NO difference between the Illuminati Agenda and that of ZIONism (World Domination). They are in fact, one & the same. This why they created the HOAX of the Holocaust, which did NOT happen. Hitler was 100% a Khazarian/Ashkenazi-jew, and he never even went to any of these "work camps", which is what they were.
The Khazarian-German rift pre-dated Hitler. Despite that the fact that Ashkenazi jews were less than 2% of the German population, they controlled most of the wealth & almost ran the country. He invited the Ashkenazi jews to leave Germany (taking their wealth with them) & many did, including Steve Pieczenik's parents. Steve was born during the war in Cuba, later moving to France and then immigrating to the US when he was 8 years of age.

The supposed gas chambers in Germany were constructed after WWII as part of this agenda within existing German facilities. And NONE Of them had/have the telling Blue coloring that Zyklon-B created in the walls when used and I mean all the way through the wall even to the outside of the buildings. Much of the eventual deaths of many in the work camps was the direct result of Allied bombing and the destruction of the German transportation system that could move food & supplies around. After you see Hellstorm, you will understand the consequences of the bombing of the German cities & infrastructure. The German people that were not blown up or burned alive were only marginally better off than those in the labor camps, regarding lack of food/medicines by this time. Eisenhower intentionally starved about 1.5 million German soldiers to death in the US Concentration Camps after the war, killing ten times as many as the US killed in fighting to take Germany. And this included the torture of German civilians to get false confessions ... the purpose of which I do not know. Nuremberg was a travesty as was the Japanese version, where low level officers were shot while all those really in charged walked. Same pretty much in Germany, where the top military people were given immunity and almost everyone in the lower ranks were expendable. While the Americans, French & British were brutal to the German people, the Soviets were far worse. The chance of living if within their sphere of control was near zero and the German civilians even killed their own children then themselves to avoid failing into their hands. The Soviets either enslaved (and worked them to death) or killed ALL Germans outright after beating them near death or cutting them up. They were killed with axes, shovels, nailed to anything while they were either repeatedly raped or tortured and that goes for children too. And those of Khazarian/Russian ancestry enjoyed beating them to death with a bat or similar types of clubs.

Nearly 99% of the Allied Prisons of war held during WWII under the German control came home. The Americans executed some German soldiers on the spot and this was common place. I'd estimate as many as a third were killed by the Allies after their surrender & the war was over. And the civilian population faired NO better. We, the American Military, killed far more Germans civilians during the war (than Hitler did of all other countries) and in peace, we killed far more Germans than they killed in the camps of any nationality during the war. I'd estimate the first number (the labor camps) to be in the tens of thousands, in war to be in the hundreds of thousands and the number of Germans killed by the Allied Military in peace to be in the MILLIONS. The Germans had many Soviet prisoners, but did NOT abuse them. They only suffered once the German infrastructure was destroyed by allied bombing and food could not be transported, just like to the labor camps.

The Allies drop more bombs on Berlin alone than the Germans dropped during the entire war. Most of the victims of these ruthless bombing raids were just civilians (25 million of them). Note the strategy. First they bombed about 10:30 pm with conventional bombs and then once everyone was out fighting the fires, they came back (about 1:30 am) with white phosphorus incendiary bombs (now illegal & only Israel is known to have used it recently against the Palestinians) and burn everyone alive. Then in the ensuing days, allied planes strafed German civilians where ever they could find them in & around these Allied decimated cites.

[By the way, the Clinton's used white phosphorus against the Davidians in Waco also (Illegally). That is what started the massive fire by intent of the US Military, which was an Illegal Military operation against civilians. The morning of the fire, Delta Force (the private army of the President) attacked the compound from the rear with US Miltary tanks, after firing a combination of tear gas & nerve gas into the compound, disabling almost everyone inside, except the few upstairs near open windows. The had already placed a shape charge on the cement documents room of the old church the night before, where the children and some of the women were, blowing them all to Hell! They were Never charged with any crime, nor tried, nor convicted, but they were EXECUTED by Bill & Hitlary Clinton. But then the Clinton administration ran the Oklahoma City bombing too where they executed dozens of young children, so who would be surprised at anything a Clinton did.]


"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses
over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker
a raving lunatic."

-- Dresden James